Whole Body Balancing


1 hr 30 min. | $100 1st Visit
1 hr. | $65 Follow-up Visits

1st time Client additional $35.00 one time fee, Medical History discussed in relation to Emotional and Energy, Well Being Individualized Plan for Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit with The Forth Connection, Clearing of the; Electromagnetic Field/Chakras/Ancestral Blockages.

If you are a first-time client a packet will be sent to you via your email for you to fill out and return prior to your first appointment/visit. This packet includes Informed Consent, Consent to Use Information, Medical/Symptom History, Policies & Procedures, Media Release (if applicable).

KC Clark (AKA: Wind Song Spirit) has been working with clients using Complementary Health Modalities in conjunction with client’s who may or may not be using allopathic methods. By Looking at the body as a whole unit we can begin to align and balance the body so that the body’s natural healing capabilities and process can work with any tools being accessed and use from both Eastern and Western concepts. After 26 years of experience and study, KC’s (WSS) approach is as unique as she and her client’s are. One may feel or see results immediately; however, it may take as much time as 1 month per year spent having the underlying issues in order to effect permanent change at the cellular level.

The concept of looking at the body as a whole unit has been the base for Eastern Medicine and Complementary Modalities for as long as the existence of them can be traced and dating back over 3,500 years. It is believed that to regain balance, you must achieve balance between the internal organs of the body and the external elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal. What makes this connection a bit different is The Forth Connection. To go Forth and Connect Mind, Body, Spirit, with the Universe, in other words to connect all relations with the one.

Be open and ready for several paradigm shifts as you embark on a very empowering way to look at yourself and the amazing things your heart and physical body can do.

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