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Here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary (Mystik Mountain Home, Prymal Fyre, and The Forth Connection) we are all about supporting Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. Simply put, we generally agree that Spirit is our own individual spark of the Great Mystery or ALL. The Mind/Body/Soul complex is what "houses" Spirit in this amazing experiential realm. And two of the main components of this experience is through story and journey.


Our Spirit Journeys and Spirit Quests are intended to address any discourse or disharmony within any of the complex components and pertaining to the dance they are meant to engage in to allow Spirit to gain the most benefit of the learning opportunities and relationships with form and non-form. Once the sources of discourse are identified the journey toward harmony and thriving can begin.

A journey is, "an act of traveling from one place to another" and in the context of Spirit Journeys it is the process of movement from one level of understanding and experience to another. Be it Mind, Body, Soul, or Spirit. And ideally it encompasses all, as well as the realms of form and of non-form.

A quest is, "a long or arduous search for something" and in the context of Spirit Quests it is simply a more indepth and intimate level of a Spirit Journey.

Humanity's long trek in this realm has managed to disconnect, or so it appears for many, us from our core compass and topography of this realm. Many of us feel we are not fully seeded in the nature that surrounds us. Much of this is due to our allowing Spirit to be pushed into the Shadows, into the background of our hurly-burly world views. We seldom get a chance to focus our intention and to purposefully nurture our relationship with Spirit. Our own Spirits and that of the Great Mystery either. 


So, here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary we wanted to once again reignite the vision so many of us shared years back.  To reignite our Prymal Heart Fyre and gather those torches to reignite the Prymal Hearth Fyre. We are being nudged to once again be the bearers and bringers of the Prymal Wisdoms to the hearts of humans so they can once again re-member that Spirit came here to experience human. Every savory experience possible through these Mind/Body/Soul complexes we have come to know as "human." 

We each are at our own point of a much larger journey. And here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary we honor all paths back to the Great Mystery. And funny thing is, some of us have come to embrace the Truth that we never really did have to find the "path back" to anything. We have never lost that path. It still lies within each of us. And all that has to be discovered is our relationship to Self/Spirit that slowly receded into those dark and comfy recesses of our Minds, Bodies, and Souls. And THAT is what we are here to facilitate. And THAT is why we are offering these powerful tools and experiences.



Will you join us?

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Spirit Journey

While you are here you will become a welcomed member of our tribe/clan, family/community as we cater to your 3-Day Spirit Journey. 

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Spirit Quest

While you are here you will become a welcomed member of our tribe/clan, family/community as we cater to your 5-Day Spirit Quest. 

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