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Mystik Mountain Market is primarily a full-service, on line shopping experience. Our merchant philosophy is based on providing a huge variety of products for home and health; for mind, body, soul, and spirit. At present, we are affiliated with four suppliers and have over 9,000 items listed. We honor diversity in lifestyles and belief systems and our product line supports this well. We support fair trade and sustainable markers in all ways we can. Items are added and updated daily, so be sure to check back often. Your support is much appreciated and helps us continue to provide this amazing website and services at a reasonable cost. 

We also offer a variety of heirloom quality handcrafts. Our inventory is growing and we are expanding the onsite options now as well, in the form of our vendor's booth at fairs and markets. We are also moving forward with plans to host an ongoing crossroads market, on site, here at Mystik Mountain.

Mystik Mountain Market is currently in the process of migrating from our last online store, Soul Tribe Sanctuary, and some discrepancies in shipping will continue to be encountered as we update all these items. So, when you place an order, the final amount may be different than what was charged in the gateway. These differences will be handled on an individual level during order processing. We appreciate your understanding with this.

When you arrive at your shopping cart, you will now notice new payment gateway options. Should you wish a faster processing time, please consider using the PayPal option. The Wix Payment option is a lot slower in getting the funds transferred, which delays our processing time on this end. It is a new gateway and we hope it will change its processing time soon.


We are pleased to now offer international shipping. So, if you have hesitated on ordering due to the complications of customs and boarder shipping, that is no longer the case. We are also developing Wish List and Rating/Comment features to be added soon. Be watching for an exclusive buying club and crafters' guild for members too. 

A much more detailed description our our Market and philosophies that support it are in the works. They will be added as the documents are finalized. Policies are also being developed and will be available soon.

Gypsy Market & Auction

Mystik Mountain Gypsy Market & Auction Page is a budding project and most of the kinks are ironed out. As soon as we are more confident with the process of running the auctions online we will be opening up the platform to members who wish to sell on Mystik Mountain!!! We will take a small processing and administration fee to provide this exciting service. Be watching for updates.

Art Store

The Mystik Mountain Art Gallery is a showcase of member's photography and art where such items as prints, totes, pillows, throws, mugs, and even cell phone covers can be purchased. Mystik Mountain provides this platform at a minimal administrative fee so members might be able to supplement their incomes and some have intentions of expanding their own creative livelihoods as per the philosophies we hold dear and are included in the Mystik Mountain Wellness LifePath series coming soon. 

The Art Gallery is a project in the works and many entries are being polished up to choose from. The place holder page will soon be replaced with the fully functional platform very soon. Be watching for updates!

Custom Orders & Commissions

We are finishing up the development of user friendly forms to make it easier to submit an online quote request for all of your crafting and formulary needs. These forms and other supportive materials will be found here soon. Should you like to discuss a custom order or commissioned project, please feel free to contact us right away. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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