Spirit Bundle by SnowFyre #25


Handcrafted using glass beads, stones, tiny copper-toned embelishments, and Celtic Heart charm. Beads are crocheted right into the weave. Aqua cotton crochet thread.




What are Spirit Bundles?


Spirit Bundles are known by many names across cultures and have many uses. The ancient Celts referred to them as Crane Bags and numerous references to them are found in the lore and legends of the lands. Native Americans use the term Medicine Bag/Pouch/Bundle. While yet other names used are Possibles Bag, Prayer Pouch, and Mojo Bag.


The bag acts like a tool kit for the traveling healer, a talisman for certain spirit allies, or to carry prayers or affirmations until they are manifested. Simply write your prayer or affirmation on a leaf or piece of paper, place it and any other items symbolic of your intention inside the bundle. You can wear your Spirit Bundle around your neck, attach it to your walking staff, or hang it from the mirror in your car. The possibilities are endless.


Each Spirit Bundle is lovingly created from quality materials. Each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Custom orders are always welcome. Bundles can be created in any size, color, or theme. The bundles shown here are in stock and ready to ship.


To learn more about the Mystik Mountain Crafting Studio, Spirit Bundles by SnowFyre, and see a gallery of some of the bundles crafted over the years have a look here:  https://www.mystikmountain.com/studio

Spirit Bundle by SnowFyre #25



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