This pineapple slicer and corer performs the tasks of multiple kitchen gadgets to prepare fresh pineapple quickly and easily. It's a pineapple peeler, a pineapple corer, and a pineapple slicer all in one. Pineapple is America's second favorite tropical fruit, bananas being first. The Pineapple Slicer and Corer makes cutting a pineapple faster and easier. The pineapple core and rind is removed during the slicing process, while most juices are retained. Making pineapple fruit recipes is a breeze, like pineapple cake, grilled pineapple and pineapple salsa, and refreshing smoothies and summer cocktails.


Pineapple Slicer & Corer

Item #: 232254


Pineapple Slicer & Corer

SKU: 7-81723-43768-6


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