Frontier® Tapioca Granules and Pearls are instant and pre-cooked, and therefore make a quick, excellent thickening agent in creamy puddings. Tapioca is also ideal for thickening soups, pie fillings, and gravies in sweet or salty preparations. Tapioca can also be found in Asian bubble tea and in gluten-free flour. 
  • Kosher
  • Organic
Botanical Name Manihot esculenta Common Name Tapioca Country of Origin Thailand Cut Granules Package Type Bulk Bag Plant Part Starch Size 1 lb

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    Tapioca flakes must be soaked well before cooking in order to rehydrate, absorbing water up to twice their volume. After rehydration, tapioca products become leathery and swollen 


Frontier Organic Tapioca Granules 1 lb

Item #: 2880


Frontier Organic Tapioca Granules 1 lb

SKU: 0-89836-02880-8


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