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This article was previously published prior to 04/20/2015

Here is the Prelude to my book, Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within. The book is a work in progress. The first section has been published with Amazon Kindle. I am currently updating some information, expanding on more, and creating the next section which will be available soon.

I hope you enjoy the read and look forward to your comments.

Link to Amazon to view: Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within

It has been said our destination is not what truly matters in life, but the journey itself. This book is testimony to that journey. Individually and collectively we have become dissociated from our base, natural state of being. The human experience has become severely distorted. Paradigms are shifting and we have within us the means to mend these dissociative splits. Healing is achieved through coalescence: a rebuilding of relationship with Self, one another, our ancestral roots, nature, and Source.

Within these pages more questions than answers will likely be uncovered. There will be moments of refreshing insight and moments of deep anxiety, plus moments of joy and moments of despair. Our “realities” have become so jaded by illusion it is difficult to decipher truth from fantasy. There will be times returning to a dream-state will appear the only sane option. Remember, though, once you relearn your truths they cannot be unlearned. Awakening from the illusion can be a very disturbing process. However, our very survival may well depend on this awakening.

A new millennium has settled upon humanity. And the dawning of the Aquarian Age offers a truly remarkable potential of human consciousness, of human Spirit. In our slumber a crucial forgetting has taken place. We as a species have developed an amnesia regarding our true nature. Collective trauma has resulted in varying degrees of dissociation – from our centers and from our roots. What is this split? Who (or what) may be behind this orchestration? When did we succumb to the lull and deception? How do we heal our wounds? Where do we go from here? And why does it even matter? These are but a few of the many questions lending momentum to my personal journey toward understanding and fulfillment. It is hoped the sharing of my path will in some small manner serve as a spark to your own awakening process.

This is not a book of “New Age,” fluff-bunny, Create Your Own Reality rhetoric. It is not an apocalyptic, end-time, dooms-day revelation. And it certainly does not carry a savior message that someone or something will miraculously appear to save our damaged and victimized souls. It is intended as a survey using the above questions as the guiding compass in which we might redirect our destinies.

We now stand witness to a plethora of possibilities. Some of which could preclude the very survival of the human experience as we know it, as well as our spiritual being beyond this plane. We can no longer afford to ignore our past if we are to step through the threshold of our future. All we truly have in this midworld existence is the present moment. What we do with it now determines our fate.

The elements of change are upon us – caressing our earthly foundations, pushing the swells of watery emotion, fanning the winds of intellect and reason, stoking life into the very fires of creation, and stirring our latent Spirits to awaken. Ancestral Coalescence promotes ancestral wisdom as it comes full spiral by remembering the past, living the present, and creating the future. We celebrate the light and embrace the shadow. All You Seek Shall Be Found Within.



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