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This Thanksgiving, and those past, I always have a sadness in my Spirit. I grieve for those Indigenous tribes and people that have been lost to genocide, just for the sake of "expansion" and greed. In doing some research, I was going to include specific examples of tribes and peoples that have been lost, out of respect and remembrance. The fact is, there are too many to name. This has been happening for so long in our human history- and it continues to happen, even today. But that does not make it right to just say, "Well, it's happened repeatedly throughout human history, and that's just what people do, it's how societies and empires evolve"; it does not excuse it.

Pygmies were thought to be "subhuman" and were eaten like animals by their conquerors. Who are the real "subhumans" here??? We all know about the American Indians and how that turned out. Just because other groups are not mentioned here does not mean they are lesser-than. I could go on and on giving specific examples. Really horrid stuff. Yes, humans doing this to other humans... But does that make humans "bad"?

Like everything else, it started out well, and beautiful, and good... But obviously something happened along the way to sour and ruin Paradise. We have had many conversations here in this space about what that potentially was- that "THING" that, like a virus, popped up and spread throughout the system that was Humanity, and has been the source of greed, evil, etc. Goodness and purity was stolen, and continues to be, in the form of these human beings who hold ancient beliefs and engage in ancient traditions and practices to this very day. It is still going on as we speak.

On a day like today, I am thankful that in many cases, the genocide of these peoples (Prymal, in my eyes) has not completely been successful. There are still remnants of them and although their numbers are, in some cases, very very low- there is a chance their wisdom can be carried on. For those that have been completely wiped out, well, it is a loss to humanity and there are no words to speak of how horrible and horrific of a thing that is. These peoples, these tribes, to me, are remnants of- descendants of- Original Humans.

Now, I am college-educated, but I am by no means a researcher, or an anthropologist, or an expert. There are cases where there are other important facts occurring other than what I am presenting here, that I am not telling the whole story, that my facts are not 100% accurate, etc. I don't doubt it. For example, in the course of looking back at the DNA etc., of specific groups: just because a group is "indigenous" does not necessarily mean that they are remnants of "original" humans. Or does it? Can we ever really know? In my opinion, it does not matter. Indigenous peoples are native to particular areas and DO possess ancient wisdom and practices that have been around for many thousands of years. That is MY definition of "Prymal", and they are close enough to "original humans" in my book. Semantics does not excuse the genocide and abuse that took place.

This has happened everywhere across the globe- to beautiful, unique people- just like you and me. It IS worth trying to save their wisdom and traditions. What they did and continue to do- is what humans have done since the beginning of the time of human existence. I might point out also that this is the FREQUENCY of Prymal, what these tribes and peoples possess. Besides being thought of as "subhuman" by some, Pygmies were also cannibalized because they were thought to possess magical powers. I'm very sure they DID possess these magical powers- it was the natural magik and power of Prymal that they possessed. The cannibals thought that if they ate the flesh of the Pygmies that they would be taking on that power for themselves. I guarantee, it didn't work. It instead was beautiful light and frequency that was extinguished permanently because of stupidity and greed. But you do see from this how Prymal needs to be cherished and protected, and thoroughly hidden from those that would seek to destroy it?

In looking back at my own history, I wondered why in the world my Ancestors "gave in" to the threat of Christianity. By writing this article I have come to understand. Pagans in Europe, for example- they left their mark in the Churches, and in stories, and in legends- hidden in plain view, so that it would not be lost forever. And I respect them for that. SOMEONE had to survive, some way, some how- in order to maintain the traditions and knowledge; otherwise, it would be lost forever, and that was not a choice for them. However, some peoples did not have that choice. They were decimated for other reasons- to take their land or because they were not seen as human in the first place.

I'm thankful for the descendants of those who have survived. They hold the key to the continuation of the stories, traditions, magic/ck/k, and practices of those ancestors that came before them. What an awesome responsibility of those who are descendants or of those that even by being the neighbor or an acquaintance of a native who is still alive, but very old (and possibly one of the last)- they hold the power to continue the knowledge by gathering and recording that history so that it is not lost. Those who do not know their history would be surprised to know that they themselves possibly belong to one or another of these indigenous groups. Are they working to destroy a culture and peoples like their own? Would it make a difference if they knew? I find it funny that Hitler had Jewish roots somewhere along the line, or so it is said. It would not surprise me one bit.

It is IMPORTANT to find out your history and your story as much as possible, if it is at all possible. But for those that do not know their history, because of adoption or loss of family members etc., or even for someone like me who partially knows, one can feel by FREQUENCY the difference between that which is Prymal and that which is not. They are two very different frequency signatures, and this is perhaps more important than just physical DNA alone. You KNOW if you are Prymal. Primary. Original. Energy never dies, it just continues. Except metaphorically perhaps in the case of these groups of Prymal peoples who were completely eradicated.

So, let me ask- Are YOU Prymal? If so, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to conduct your life? What will be remembered of you when you are gone? It IS possible for your legacies, your beliefs, your traditions, your frequency signature to be continued on for hundreds and thousands of years. There are still indigenous groups around to prove it. If you consider yourself to be Prymal, YOU can be a force of reckoning. Promote Prymal through how you live your life. Goodness IS contagious, and is needed perhaps now more than ever. Prymal is goodness. It is truth. It is real. It is authentic. It is Human. And it is OURS. It deserves to be remembered and reclaimed. And if these indigenous groups aren't proof of that, then there is nothing more that can be said. I'm so thankful today that the wisdom and frequency continues....

(Notice the watch on the wrist of the young male descendant in the photo below. This is a good example of maintaining tribal and familial traditions in a modern world.)

*Tradition Lives.

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