Holons & Solidarity

This article was originally published 03/03/2017 as "Soup or Salad?", with the announcements of the events and classes omitted.

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A holon is a whole greater than the sum of its parts. We are BOTH a part of the whole AND a sovereign. Unless we agree to relinquish the sovereign and become something different altogether, of course. Binary is EITHER/OR and that is what is being used as a false program misdirection. Tertiary is the holon of AND/BOTH comprising a third level - NOT retrograde back into the Mono. Quad and beyond is a whole other game.

The trick is to build on levels with a dance of dissolution and resolution, not destroy them altogether. Mono (The One) is the void, absolutely void of light. Any system or belief that does not honor the dark is suspect in my book. Zoroaster certainly did a good job with his assignment of the Armies of Dark vs Light false program that is still very much in operation now. And still being used to lull people into making the binary choice (i.e., rapture and harvest traps).

Solidarity is much different than assimilation. The difference of being a salad or an over cooked soup mush. And the truther/enlightenment/ascension/awakening/New (c)Age movement is at a rapid, rabid boil right now - quickly becoming assimilated mush. Many of us are saddened to be witnessing this process of the Ages yet again.

The false programming and social engineering of the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD [AI/AC/VI/VC] parasite (as in energy signature) is very much at work behind the ever increasing frenzy we see all over these days. The stage, props, characters, and support cast may change - but the narrative and plot has remained the same throughout many, many Ages. We are once again at an energetic coalescing point of cycles within cycles, a change of paradigms. And whenever energy cycles such as these collide, chaos ensues. It is only a part of the Natural Order. Out of chaos comes order and things can get rather messy, as we are only beginning to experience again.

Here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary, we offer three levels of Prymal PathWorking, one building upon another. The journey begins with knowledge base of Core Principles and progresses through the Outer Sanctum of Wisdom and the Inner Sanctum of Gnosis. Pathworking can be incorporated into any system or doctrine you may ascribe to. It is a journey of remembrance and sovereign empowerment. [since this writing a separate series, Wellness LifePath, has been developed to address a more secular, practical application pathworking for those with a less spiritual focus - they work together beautifully for those wanting a truly holistic approach]

If you are unfamiliar with some of this terminology, I invite you to explore some to the Core Principle tools being presented at Soul Tribe Sanctuary [now Mystik Mountain]. Discover how bringing it back to center and aligning yourself with Natural Order through simple techniques such as Guided Imagery Meditation - all a part of Prymal PathWorking - by signing up today. The booking options and webinar sessions are being loaded and more detailed documents will soon be available along with the Prymal PathWorking packages. Study materials and Centering Kits are being polished. [these materials can now be found here: https://www.mystikmountain.com/prymal-pathworking-materials ]

I am looking forward to the honor of YOUR Prymal PathWorking Steward.

Marilee NiEtain Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe Mystik Mountain Home www.mystikmountain.com

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