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As Mentor  & Steward, Marilee's primary roles are mentor, coach, and website creator. Event planning ranges from individual ceremony and rites to gatherings of all sizes. Marilee provides Wellness, LifePath, Prymal PathWorking, Guided Inner Journeys, and Tarot Consultation in-person, online, by phone, and now onsite. She is currently developing our new online Learning Portal that will provide a wide variety of learning opportunities. Be sure to check back often to see all of these exciting offers.


In addition to these, Marilee is devoted to teaching ways of sustainable living and creative expression. Having been raised by two strong Depression Era women who shared a plethora of Ancient oral traditions, a variety of handcrafts, and food preservation skills are aptly taught in a variety of workshop settings. Marilee also crafts and sells many unique and custom-made items. You will find Marilee at a variety of markets and festivals with the Mystik Mountain Market vendor's booth too.


Marilee has worked in the mental health field for over 30 years. She has been involved in the holistic and spiritual community for over 40 years. Although "retired" from the clinical scene, Marilee has integrated her complementary mind/body/soul/Spirit approaches to mental health into a unique set of full lifestyle journey systems.Her academic and professional focus has included Addictionology, Psychology, Social Science, Cultural Anthropology, and Comparative Religion.

Special areas of interest and experience: Trauma Recovery; Dependence and Other Compulsive Behaviors; Cult Exit-Counseling; Depth, Transpersonal, and Analytical Psychology; Spiritual Sovereignty; Holistic Wellness; Integrative Nutrition; Neurofeedback and Entrainment; Permaculture and Sustainable/Resilient Lifestyles, Green Psychology, and Organic Intelligence.


In 2014, Marilee published the introduction segment of her book (decades in the making), Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within. The second, and subsequent, segments are in the final preparation stages of publication. A new research series titled: Info Porn, Social Programming, & Cyber Cults, is currently being reviewed by an academic literary publisher. Also awaiting the final relocation stages to be completed.


The new Wellness LifePath and Prymal Pathworking modules will be launching online as soon as we navigate this bridge to a new location where plans are in motion to once again offer onsite services. Plus a variety of workshops, recorded media, and other amazing projects. 

Marilee has studied many paths of Gnostic, Esoteric, Occult, and oral tradition mythos - as well as decades of fringe knowledge ("conspiracy") research. She fondly refers to herself as Hedge Wytch and First Generation Conspiracy Nut.

Marilee's personal journey in all these areas blends her lived experience potential beautifully. Marilee has been active on many councils and boards, is a public advocate and speaker, and a published author on various awakening subjects. Her perspective on awakening is: to learn, unlearn, and learn again - to become aware of the presence of artificial programming, deprogramming, and how to reprogram your authentic Self (mind, body, soul, and Spirit). A journey of awakening and re-member-ance.

"The moment we become aware of how our external expression emanates from within and is a mirrored manifestation - true awakening begins.

The moment we accept full responsibility and accountability for our place in the web - true healing begins.

All you seek shall be found within...

We are honored to hold this sacred space." ~ Marilee NiEtain (SnowFyre)



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