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KC  Clark


KC Clark, also known as Wind Song Spirit, has been bringing Ancient Messages to the children of Mother Earth for a very long time through poetry, prose, storytelling, books, quotes, Vision Quests, mentoring, art, crafts, also including Chakra, energy, and ancestral clearings.  Her work continues to captivate, amaze, and empower people from all over the world. Wind Song Spirit has a deep love for the children of our Earth Mother. She teaches self love, acceptance of shadow, past trauma and abuse, how to turn events into constructive learning, accessing the sacred void within for all healing, ways to find your purpose and learn to love life meeting challenges with resilience, fortitude, skills, compassion, kindness, and ability to move forward.


Some of Wind Song Spirit’s background and expertise encompasses Police Officer, RAPE investigation, Undercover VICE, Fire Fighter, EMT, Martial Arts, Firearms, American Red Cross Health & Safety Specialist. This lady’s special love of kids and water sports began with teaching tap, ballet, acrobatics, and water safety back in 1966. She went on to become a Master Educator through the Boy Scouts of America including but not limited to the Order of The Arrow and Leave No Trace. All of this and more prepared her for her greatest service to kids. She and her Hubbee/Soul Mate/Sweetheart became Foster Parents over 12 years ago. They are Licensed Level III which translates to really hard to handle children with a myriad of emotional and behavioral issues. “Foster Care is by far the most difficult adventure laced with the greatest blessings!” (KC Clark)

Wind Song Spirit is all about connecting with the Universe and helping you to do the same through The Forth Connection and Emotional Scents, both on Face Book, and Mystik Mountain’s website. She can be of service anywhere in the world, as Emotional and Energy Work, Mentoring, and Coaching have no limitations of distance. If you prefer a meeting in person, she has an office located in beautiful rural Dixie of Southern Utah. From her early 20’s to late 60’s, Wind Song Spirit has helped thousands of kids, teens, and adults learn how to cope, process, get past fears, reverse low self-esteem, find inner healing, trust self, unlock potential, conquer shame based insecurities, and explore the lessons nature has to offer. She is not a licensed therapist, however, her gifts are complimentary to current therapies and counseling, giving additional personal support to one’s journey while discovering the adventure!!! 



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