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Nov 9

From Garden to Table



Hubbard Squash

This is one of the beauties harvested from the garden a few weeks ago. A Blue Hubbard squash. It grew on a trellis and had to be supported by a sling made out of pantyhose. I watched over it like a hawk and babied it all summer long. This squash made the best pie I have ever tasted. A sprinkle of nutmeg over the top before it went into the oven made it taste even more delicious. If any of you are wondering why I make such a big deal out of food, stay tuned to learn why baking and cooking are such sacred activities. I'll definitely be writing about that too. There is so much to reclaim in the most common of things... Please join me as we rediscover why food speaks to us in such a big way. It is part of the Human story.

Yes! So my next article will be about what is being lost because we are allowing corporations to decide and choose for us what we are going to eat. Granted, there is not a major difference in flavor between pumpkin and squash (although to me personally there is a difference) since pumpkin is really a squash too... But we are missing out when we let corporations decide what is going to be offered. they cannot offer much that is fresh... and that's a problem. I can tell you that this and all the other squashes in the garden were absolutely maintenance free. They grew, and I harvested... It could not have been easier! Who here knew you could actually EAT and BAKE A PIE out of a Blue Hubbard squash? Not even me! Not until last year. But I have always admired their beauty. And yes, I would tell them sincerely every day while they were growing how beautiful they were.


If you haven't yet, check out the new Netflix series by Michael Pollen called "COOKED". It is eye-opening. It explores the history of cooking and traditions that surround it, as well as why the Hearth is so important. It's got a lot to do with human connection for one thing. When was the last time you saw a big Blue Hubbard squash being offered for sale at your local grocery store???? Guess how many seeds I got from this one Hubbard squash???


I know many people don't have room for these vines, but start them in a container or grow them in a 5-gallon bucket, let them grow along the fence, or just let one fruit develop and snip the vine so no other fruits come on and that one single squash will grow big. That doesn't take much room. You can grow one on a patio. Wow, lots of typing for a one-handed person lolol. I have so much more to say though hahaha.

We cannot forget about this piece as one very important part of what indeed makes us Human and fighting to retain that.


It would have been much easier to just continue going to the grocery store for my nutritional needs, believe me... and there will always be a place in our society for grocery stores; however, an important connection is made by growing even a PORTION of our food- a connection that cannot be bought or experienced at the grocery store. One that really is magic/magyk/magick, however one prefers to spell it. It's real and it's there, and it won't soon be forgotten by those that grow their own food. And you can take that to the bank. Literally. Its what people are craving- otherwise, Farmers Markets would not be in such high demand... And there is a reason for that.

Look at these apples for example... My kid held one in his hands and said "These don't FEEL like supermarket apples,"..... Enough said. I got them from a guy who grows them on his land, a retired Postal carrier. They are soooooo beautiful


We cannot afford to lose that connection of where our food actually comes from. Those green beans in a can on the store shelf? Someone GROWS those green beans in real dirt, outside, from SEEDS, dry beans in this case. It's fascinating to me that people don't think about this, and that kids don't realize this.


And here's the pie. I wish the photo did it justice. It tastes so much better than the photo portrays lolol

The best part about the cycle of the life of your squash is the frequency transformation. Best form of alchemy available to us humble humans. <3

@SnowFyre This really is very true. Seriously watch the COOKED series. It divides each episode by the Elements and goes into much greater detail about the alchemy of it

@Elemine Aoelfe Hey...a thought just came to mind. Not sure if we could pull it off, but I wonder if I can set something up on the website here similar to that "watch party" feature on facebook. Though I am getting a bit more comfortable on those social platforms again there is still an uneasiness about more intimate encounters. A bit of the AI PTSD maybe? hahahaha

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My opinion: there is no comparison between any of the Maxima squashes such as Hubbard and pumpkins which are Peppo type.

I really enjoy hearing your opinion Averil... I would like to hear it more often! I feel you have a unique viewpoint and definitely more knowledge than I do about all of this :)

Averil, I have been wanting to tell you this for such a long time.... That you are so very eloquent and succinct, you are very interesting to listen to, and you communicate in a way that is precise yet gentle and easy to understand... You also have this individual style of communication that keeps one's interest and is entertaining in a most fascinating way, I cannot explain it. But I LOVE it! (Reminds me of faerytales somehow). That's why I wish to see you present more here. You have such a gift with words and expression and it is such a loss for it not to be expressed. PLEASE offer some short pieces at least!!! <3

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