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Grande Re-Opening

May 1 - June 20, 2020

Join in the adventure of our Grande Re-Opening festivities by gathering your own hoard of entry gems. You can accumulate entries for this gift package hand-crocheted by Marilee, personally blended private label aromatherapy blends by KC of Emotional Scents, a $50 Mystik Mountain gift certificate, and a few other little treats thrown in. 

How? Do you ask? Well, simply by engaging in this fun event (list below) and going on an exciting treasure hunt by finding the little gems we will be sprinkling throughout our websites and social media platforms. Hints will be dropped in random places.


A form is provided below for you to submit all of your activities and discovered gems. SHHHHHH...when you find the gems do not reveal them outright to your fellow treasure hunters. You can leave hints and tips for others when you think you have found one.


This will basically operate on an open honor system. We trust you accept all responsibility for your honesty in joining in. You are allowed to submit one form per day, listing all of the criteria you met in that 24 hour period. And don't forget the answers to the gem hints. You will be notified privately if your answer is correct or if you will need to go back on that quest. You can then submit answers 1, 2, 3, 4.... in subsequent entries until the deadline.


New challenges and prizes can be added at any time, so be sure to come back here often for any updates that may be posted. It is a good idea to bookmark this page and review any updates at the end of each day prior to submitting your daily entry. 

Those who have already members for some time and have completed some of these challenges can submit daily entries retroactively to May 1, 2020. Please submit these separately to easy my undoubtedly hoardful inbox sorting. 


All entries will go into the virtual fishbowl and the drawing for this event's winner will be at midnight MDT on the Summer Solstice 2020. (hint: special gems will be dropped pertaining to the unique correspondences of this rare coalescence).  

Winner(s) will be announced as quickly as humanly possible following the drawing.

Should this activity be enjoyed by enough folk we will repeat it quarterly as we move forward. The next one being June 20, 2020 - September 22, 2020 (solstice to equinox).

Welcome one and all. Best of luck ,and most of all, have fun connecting with others and learning along the way.

Activities to qualify:


* Subscribe to: Mystik Mountain Home

* Subscribe to: Prymal Fyre Livestyle Blog & Forum

* Join The Prymal Fyre Forum

* Complete your Prymal Fyre Forum profile

* Comment on any blog article

* Say "hi" and comment on any forum post

* Create your own forum post, start a conversation and tell us about your self

* Join our public facebook group: Soul Tribe Sanctuary

* Join our private facebook group: Mystik Mountain Home

* Join our public facebook group: The Forth Connection Community

* Join our facebook sales page: Mystik Mountain Gypsy Market

* Like our facebook author's page: Marilee NiEtain

* Like our facebook business page: Mystik Mountain

* Like our facebook business page: Emotional Scents

* Like our facebook business page: The Forth Connection

* Like our facebook business page: Sweet Things

* Follow us on any/all of the above facebook groups and pages

* Follow us on Twitter: Mystik Mountain

* Follow us on Pinterest: Mystik Mountain

* Say "hi" and comment on any/all of the above facebook groups.

* Say "hi" and comment on any/all of the above twitter page.

* Share any posts or group invites. ****BONUS for each new member referral who mentions your name.

* Check out our Re-Kindling Our Prymal Hearth Fyre Fundraiser page and read our back story

* Get one entry for every $10 in donations.

* Get one entry for every $20 in purchases from our online store, commissioned and custom order, and service booking.

* Get 5 entries for finding any one of the hidden gems scattered throughout any of the online links.


If you have any creative ideas to add to these events, please let us know. There are MANY ways anyone can be a creative and contributing member of the community. ALL energy exchange is welcomed. 

Treasure Gem                    Bonuses & Hints

#1 What is the connection of "Gone Together" (Hint: Re-Kindling Our Prymal Hearth Fyre Fundraiser back story)

#2 What does "The Simulation" stand for? (Hint: Heart Fyre to Hearth Fyre)

#3 To be announced. Check back often! 

Worth 5 Gems Each

Here's Your Chance To Add to Your Dragon's Hoard Winnings


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