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Monthly Payment Plan ($200.00/mo)

Prior to your first visit/session: You will receive all documents necessary to facilitate your Initial Evaluation and Consultation. These will need to be completely filled out and returned a minimum of 72 hours before your first session with a commitment of 6 more Personal Sessions over 6 months. This will assist in formulating an Individualized Plan for you. Forms included: Consent, Policies & Procedures, History, Payment Plan, and Initial Evaluation (Done by KC Clark).  

***Completed paperwork must be received by KC at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled session. Please plan accordingly to avoid rescheduling conflicts.

Charges may be adjusted accordingly. You will be charged the minimum fee and if you require and agree to additional accommodations, such as addition sessions and/or formulated product, it will be discussed before hand and invoiced separately.


During the Initial Consultation: Discussion of Individualized Plan and where your current mind/body functions are at currently. The exploration of energy blockages; the possible causes, origins, and effects on health will also be addressed. You will be required to take notes and be prepared with Questions for Q & A.


Following Your Initial Consultation:  KC spends a minimum of 1 ½ hrs in private initiating/activating your EnergyWork by clearing your chakras and possible ancestral blockages. These energy clearing modalities include, but are not limited to, glands, organs, systems, toxicity, and mental, emotional, spiritual, and universal connections. These parameters will be the focus of your next 6 sessions and continued evaluation throughout the next 6 months - referred to as Checkpoint Consults.

Your Individualized Plan may include: informational handouts; additional resources, such as suggested books or tutorials; how to formulate personal affirmations; creating your safe/sacred space; personal safety plans; building your own unique support system; learning how to do energy work; techniques to safely feel, process, clearing emotions; validating self through acceptance; dissolving old patterns of justification; generating a feeling of abundance through gratitude; and more. These are all based on your desired outcome, personal investment, and rate of progress.

A good thing to consider is: For every year you have been struggling with particular situations and traumatic events, etc. plan to spend a month or more understanding the root of the struggle/problem and affecting a change at the cellular level from the effects of new thought processes and supporting modalities.

EnergyWork Checkpoint Consults: The next 6 months will include monthly Checkpoint Consults with continued exploration and clearing of any areas outlined in your Individualized Plan.

Subsequent visits will be spent going over your journalized progress, experiences, success and possible setbacks. Continued exploration of stubborn blockages, such as possible DNA and ancestral inherited or instinctual self-defeating behaviors will be addressed. When you become comfortable with new skills and healthier responses, more skills will be introduced. Questions will be answered during your session from journaling notes you take in between sessions.

Bonus individualized video shorts will be sent to to you periodically addressing your specific needs and goals.

A Little About KC: KC Clark/Wind Song Spirit has been doing Energy and Emotional Work for over 40 years. She began this path studying Jiu Jitsu under 10th Dan Sensei Seiki, and Aikido under 10th Dan Master Koichi Tohei, and the Art of Shiatsu. Included in her studies were; The Spirit of Love for All Things, The Principles of Passivity and Ki, Unification of and Relationship between Body and Spirit, and Keeping One Point (the lower spot in the abdomen). These studies were enhanced by the completion of Level I & II in the Art of Vibrational Healing and the Masters Training Course in the Art of Illumination Healing & Transformation. Her extensive training for Police work in the fields of RAPE, Undercover VICE, Special Forces Training, Lady Beware, and Foster Care gave her an incredible base for supporting journey work on all levels.

As you work with Wind Song Spirit you’ll be learning new skills to change false belief systems regarding health, self image, and social conditioning. You will be expected to practice breathing and mind/body exercises designed to uplift and create a healthier feeling as you use the various modalities outlined in your Personal Individualized Plan such as, but not limited to; Essential Oils (additional costs apply for product), affirmations, Emotional and Energy work, spending time in nature, Journaling, rest and exercise, the Art of Playing, creativity, etc.

A Final NOTE: Whether your session is in person or through the use of Zoom on the internet, your time is set aside for you and handled according to our Policies & Procedures found in the Consent Form packet you will receive via Email. (Hard copy available via USPS for $10.00 surcharge)

Please plan on being fully present and focused by eliminating distractions from children, cell phones, family, loud music or noise, etc. Personal growth cannot occur if one remains in their comfort zone. This is a commitment to yourself and will be laced with joyous triumphs, emotional releases, occasional setbacks, disappointments, tears, sometimes even grief, and success as you navigate the most “moving” adventure of your future self!!!

***The work and education offered here is not to diagnose, mitigate, replace, alleviate, treat, cure, prevent or care for any disease. Please be advised to contact your Primary Care Practitioner for information regarding drug contraindications if you are currently taking any medications or over-the-counter supplements or drugs, and/or any questions concerning suggestions for exercise, essential oils, or nutritional adjustments.


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