Emotional & Energy Work


(Exploration of Additional Blockages, Blockage Removal & Energy Work, Clearing of Chakras, Possible Inherited Ancestral Blockages, Affirmations)
A good “rule of thumb” to consider is: For every year you have been struggling with emotions, particular situations, past traumatic events, etc. plan to spend a month or more understanding the root of the struggle/problem and effecting a change at the cellular level from the affect of new thought processes and supporting modalities.

Subsequent visits will be spent going over your journalized progress, experiences, success and possible setbacks. Continued exploration of stubborn blockages, such as possible DNA and Ancestral inherited or instinctual self defeating behaviors will be addressed. When you become comfortable with new skills and healthier responses, more skills will be introduced. Questions will be answered during your session from journaling notes you take in between sessions.

When you sign up and commit to a 3 month-18 month series of sessions, part of your Individualized Plan may include; informational handouts, additional resources such as suggested books or tutorials, how to formulate personal affirmations, creating your safe/sacred space, personal safety plans, building your own unique support system, learning how to do energy work, techniques to safely feel, process, and clear emotions, validating self through acceptance, dissolve old patterns of justification, generate a feeling of abundance through gratitude, and more, based on your desired outcome, personal investment, and rate of progress.

Re-evaluation will become an ongoing part of your journey as you experience paradigm shifts and new ways of looking at your amazing self! Be prepared to face some deep truths you may have locked away and now feel the urgency to waste no more time on disassociation, false beliefs, society pressures, programming, shame and blame.

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