Dragon's Hoard 

Grande Re-Opening



Prymal Hearth Fyre Fundraiser

This exciting giveaway will run retroactively from

May 1, 2020 - June 20, 2020.

This is our Dragon's Hoard bundle (hand crocheted by Marilee, private label aromatherapy blends by KC, and a $50 gift certificate. Plus a couple other little surprises to round out the hoard. Overall value of $300.


Our Grande Prize will be awarded as our thank you gift for your participation in our Grande Re-Opening. Be watching here to see how this giveaway will work. Entries will be based on a treasure hunt style engagement and the love we all share with each other. And all engagement from May 1st to June 20th will be included.

You will be able to collect entry tickets by sharing, liking, commenting, referring, scheduling, purchasing, subscribing, enrolling, commenting, learning, donating, and finding little hints and treasures dropped on our websites and social media throughout this time frame. Tickets and tallies will be announced as we move forward. 

Other smaller gift ideas will be added as well. And be sure to watch for our themed bundle specials and offers too!!!

We are certain this will be a fun and exciting event. And if it is a success...we will be adding it to our regular event schedules. And as always, your input is warmly welcomed. 

Dragon's Hoard and Treasure Hunt portal can now be accessed below. Scroll down to enter. (Details, hints, and entry form)

My name is Marilee NiEtain, and I have spent a lifetime in search of a long-lost red thread of the tapestry we call humanity. A red thread hidden from common view. Hidden beneath Ages of distortion and manipulation, deception and trauma, lies and betrayal.

These elements that have divided and separated us from ourselves, each other, and the realms of form from non-form. In appearance anyway. For it still remains. As it was never truly lost. Merely set aside and forgotten. And my personal story is a myopic reflection of that which also plagued humanity. As I also know many of you can relate to. This is a fiber of that Red Thread we share. Ancestrally and as a species. 

This is the basis for a much larger quest than this more myopic task I present here and now. That story is the end product of this present point in the larger journey. And is one of the future goals linked to this mile stone moment. Here... Now... 

This moment of a new Soul Tribe rally call to rekindle our shared vision of Prymal community. To re-launch our call and re-manifest Soul Tribe Sanctuary into this realm of form, once and for all. In spite of the obstacles and Dark Lessons we had to meet to arrive at this amazing fount of potential.... read more of this story on our GoFundMe rally page here:

Re-Kindling Our Prymal Hearth Fyre

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

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