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Spend 1 hour during an extensive interview discussing; concerns, problems, emotional challenges, and health issues. Based on information gathered, a specific and personalized Synergy or custom product (such as cream, lotion, bath salts, etc.) containing Therapeutic Essential Oils will be formulated to support and assist the body. Cost of product will be discussed and charged separately.

KC Clark (AKA: Wind Song Spirit) has been an Aromatherapist for 18 years. She began this work as an Assistant Midwife. Her and her partner at the time felt it was an important addition to their complementary approach to the Birthing Process and felt that pregnant women should be educated on the safe use or non-use of Essential Oils throughout all stages of pregnancy and delivery, including the post-partum period and care of their newborn and/or child/ren. When the decision was made to separate their combined businesses and efforts to better serve the Birthing community, KC took over the private label Essential oils and created Emotional Scents to serve a broader clientele. Since then she has studied Essential Oil resources worldwide including The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manuals. She has consulted with former employees of Young Living who started their own Essential Oil businesses and continues to educate herself with research and further study of new findings and information.

Her Therapeutic Essential Oils come from a knowledgeable supplier in the Midwest who imports oils from all over the world. He takes care to make sure none are adulterated, having traveled to the original farms in various parts of the world, and blesses them upon delivery. When the oils arrive at Emotional Scents, KC/Wind Song Spirit clears and re-blesses them. Prior to client’s use of these amazing therapeutic oils and related products containing Essential Oils, they are blessed for the benefit of each client. KC takes the time to teach clients how to clear oils/products that require passing through mailing agencies for those that cannot facilitate a personal pick up at Emotional Scents.

KC believes that an educated awareness is necessary and will help you learn the ins, outs, how to tell therapeutic oils from adulterated oils, why oils need to be diluted, which are safe at higher dilutions and stronger, “hot” oils that need to be more diluted for safe use. You’ll learn the proper use of terminologies and you can ask questions and participate in discussions through Emotional Scent’s FaceBook page. Emotional Scents is not a pyramid or multi-marketing network. KC believes that while authentic pure therapeutic oils are expensive, she can offer them to anyone, any situation, economically, by pre-diluting them to fit the client’s needs. Truth straight up!

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