Three Sisters


Mystik Mountain - Prymal Fyre - Soul Tribe Sanctuary

Mystik Mountain, Prymal Fyre, and Soul Tribe Sanctuary are devoted to the well-being of Self, peers, communities, planet, innerverse, and outerverse of which we all share. Our purpose is one of support for what has become known as awakening and (for some) re-member-ance. Our approach is holistic peer-driven empowerment. We support fair trade markets and sustainable lifestyle choices. Here we explore both intrinsic and extrinsic sanctuary, honor sovereignty and solidarity, and celebrate our Light as we embrace our Shadow.

Our primary role is to assist with what we have introduced as the Prymal Earth Mitosis, the separation of the Prymal from The Simulation. We do this as sovereigns standing in solidarity, shedding the effects of The Simulation as we re-member and re-align Spirit and heal our Prymal Wounds, Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. As we heal on the micro level, so heals the macro. As we strengthen our immune systems, mind/body/soul/Spirit - in form and non-form, we assist in the healing of the ALL. Healing our individual Prymal Heart Fyre will in turn heal the Prymal Hearth Fyre.


Our online presence offers access to the Mystik Mountain Home mother site. Here one will find access to our growing products and services, our Learning Portal, Studios & Formulary, and Archives & Resources. Prymal Fyre is our community hub where one will find our Forums, Blogs, and Prymal Fyre Radio. Soul Tribe Sanctuary is being revived to include onsite gatherings and private services.

Our physical presence is now limited to private, one-on-one PathWorking and a variety of markets and festivals. Many projects are awaiting our transition to a new location and will be expanded upon as soon as the next phase is Pryme. Online AND on site.

Our forums have been revived and we are in the final planning stages of breathing life back into our amazing newsletter. Follow the image link below to meet our Mentors.



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